Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Best "Bumper Sticker"

Reflection about the course

This is my last reflection for this Pop culture calss. I have every good moment with my lovely classmate and great teacher. After this course, It increased my knowledge and changed me in many ways how culture is a pattern of activities, keeps changing, music ,movie ,food. All of these are influence our culture in some way. We learning about our culturaand other country culture and pop cultural even we don't notice what we are doing is pop cultural. Also, the field trip is so brilliance. We went to Broadcast Museum of Chicago and became a unforgettable anchor on abc7 (even I don't want to watch my VDO, I'm to shy -- haha). And also learned about music and enjoyed the performance in the House of Blues where it's in my awesome place to enjoy indoor music.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Special Event : Cultural Center Chicago

From the outside, the building is pretty modest. But once you walk inside, you are in for some amazing interior deco. The Tiffany ceilings are simply amazing.  And every room is interesting in its own way. Overall the best of it is that it is FREE